tektal process

Hiring Process

TEKTAL has an excellent record for sourcing and retaining top talent. We consult with potential candidates about their career goals, their contributions, and their 6-month 1-year 3-year career plan. We make sure that the opportunity excites them and will be good for their career.

We do not believe in throw-resume-over-the-fence and wait for it to stick. Since we have a technical background we are able to qualify potential employees thoroughly before they are presented to the client.

Candidates, based on their qualifications, are subject to a skill set soft & hard. Soft skills relate to how the candidate present themselves over the phone; whether they are able to answer questions completely as opposed to one syllable answers; how enthusiastic they are; their desire to grow in their career; their family limitations in terms of relocation. Hard skills relate to a technical evaluation. We use our consultants to evaluate potential new hires to make sure that they are what they say are in their resumes. We phone screen these candidates thoroughly and their answers are evaluated based on how confident they were or if they were just beating around the bush; or simply that they did not know the subject itself.

Based on physical location, TEKTAL makes every attempt to meet with every candidate presented, especially for the FTE positions.

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