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Interview Suggestions

The points listed below will read as common sense; but one will be very surprised as to how these points can be taken for granted that can cost the interview. If you have any Qs about the interview, the position, the client, location, etcÖ please call your recruiter or sales rep well before the interview.

Know who the client is & research about them & the position as much as you can. Be prepared.

Always have a copy of your submitted (to the client) resume with you. Youíll need it for quick & easy reference

Mark your own notes against each project so that youíll be able to answer Qs easily without going ahh, hmm, etc and having extended periods of silence while you are trying to jog your memory

The client has a set amount of time to interview you. If you donít utilize it to your benefit, youíll be the loser.

Answer every Q by giving examples. Mono syllabic answers, like yes, no, maybe, will not suffice. It does not promote good interpersonal skills.

Be enthusiastic. Every employer likes to know that their position is wanted by the client & the consultant is going to give his/her best. If you donít show this enthusiasm over the phone, you will not show it during work. (Put yourselves in the employer shows: Whom would you like to work with? A geek or a candidate who has good interpersonal skills & gets extremely well along with the team and makes everyone feel good?)

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Phone Interviews :

Choose a place that is away from ambient noises & make sure you are not disturbed

Turn off call waiting

Have a glass of water nearby

Have a note book to take notes

An interrupted phone interview shows the client that you have not given the position its due respect & are not interested

Plan for an hour even if the client states its 1/2 hour

Make sure that the phone battery is charged

Take calls on land lines. Mobile phones tend to cut out

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