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Throughout our history and TEKTAL employees, TEKTAL has never & will never discriminate against a potential candidate. We have solicited candidates for hire based on their capabilities alone & how well they'll fit in with the client in terms of skills, value add, interpersonal skills, salary expectations, relocation, etc ... Data relating to their address (demography), email ids, contact numbers, expected remuneration, type of job applied for (FTE, Contract or Part Time), etc are captured in our ATS.

Currently TEKTAL uses an automated ATS (Applicant Tracking System) called CATS. TEKTAL finds it consultants always through the job boards, referrals & existing network. All solicited candidates are spoken to, entered into CATS & presented to clients. Detailed records are maintained in CATS and every single candidate is entered into the database & their demographic (physical location) is captured into the CATS system. Candidates are advised of job submittals, placement notifications & client rejections.

Every candidate that we solicit and who submit their resume include their demographic data for us to capture. This is essential for us anyway, since the need to know if the candidate is local to the area or would need relocation. This is essential since TEKTAL strives to find local candidates to keep the local employment going.

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