TekTal Clients


There are many agencies out there that offer a similar service. What separates TEKTAL from the rest?

We use our relationship with the client to make sure that we have the full job description rather than a vague job requirement gathered through a phone conversation. We know that the requirements we present to our candidates are real. A certain amount of research and study is invested in making sure that this is the case.

We also educate our clients in pay scales and are able to set their expectations right. We offer advice on employee retention and the importance of paying an industry level salary or slightly higher to reduce attrition rates. If the client insists on paying a lower than industry average, we respectfully tend to step away from such an engagement.

The TEKTAL Advantage

Over 20 years of experience

12+ years as an IT consultant gives us first hand knowledge to secure your ideal job.

We can speak the necessary jargon to limit loss of important information in translation.

We address your needs & skills to secure an interview

We understand a wide variety of cultural issues by virtue of working in India, Singapore & US.

Maintaining confidentiality

Being simple & honest

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